Made In Mississippi

As an entrepreneur myself, I’ve learned so much from podcast. It’s an amazing platform to grow and educate yourself. Yet, all of the podcast I listen to are about entrepreneurs and business leaders in NY, LA, and Silicon Valley. There’s not a podcast to highlight those winning in Mississippi. I feel strongly this is one of the reasons many entrepreneurs are leaving our state - they feel it’s easier to succeed in bigger cities. This is the reason I almost left a few years ago. But It’s not true. These are the stories of Mississippians who have made something. I hope you are challenged and encouraged by their stories of entrepreneurs winning in our state.
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Made In Mississippi



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May 31, 2017

If you're a band, entertainer, or professional athlete you've heard the name Mike Frascogna. While Frascogna Courtney Law do not talk about who there clients are, let's just say if they're famous and from Mississippi, they've represented them (It's killing me not to tell you guys #dying). This interview with Mike is jam packed with wisdom and practical advice. I left the interview with a ton of take-aways and I know you will too.

May 17, 2017

Christopher is the founder of Mantle co-working space in Fondren (Jackson). Mantle is a beautiful space that offers the amenities of having an office like the big guys, but the flexible pricing and commitments that entrepreneurs need. 

May 3, 2017

Rodney is the founder and chief designer at Rare Designs in Hattiesburg, MS. Rare has worked on some awesome projects like the logo for the Memphis Grizzles, Charlotte Hornets, and Southern Miss to name a few. But Rare does more than branding, they help further establish a brands identity and direction. This is a killer way to start Season 2. Hope you enjoy!